No Excuses

So, you want to know what frustrates me most?

(Well, I’m going to tell you anyway… ;))


Excuses drive me batsh*t.


Because be it a gift or curse (sometimes it’s hard to tell), I cannot help but see the potential in things.

I can’t help but see what things can be, whether it’s a new restaurant that needs some tweaks, or a person who wants their life to feel easier, but does not quite know how to get there.

What really drives me nuts is that I can’t help but see that most people are closer than they think to allowing what they really want to come into their lives.

They just need a slight adjustment. A tweak. An alignment…

But do you know what keeps people from doing anything to get where they really want to be?


And here’s what’s really insidious about excuses…

Most people fall into the habit of making excuses for themselves without really being aware of it.

This makes me want to slap them (usually only in the figurative sense); to knock them awake from sleepwalking through another day, another week, another year…

So I want you to consider this…

If there’s any area of your life that currently feels out of alignment — whether that be your money situation, your relationships, your business, or your career (or all of the above) — then you need to know that the unwanted situation did not just happen to you.

Quite the contrary… it’s happening because YOU ARE ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN.

Somewhere you’ve convinced yourself that things are okay when in truth, things really do not feel okay to you as they are. Somewhere you started to believe your excuse…

Here’s the kicker about excuses… As long as you allow them, WHAT YOU DON’T WANT WILL CONTINUE TO GET BIGGER OVER TIME.


I listen to so many people who have the burning desire to upgrade some aspect of their lives. They know they want something better. And deep down they know something’s out of whack that requires their attention.

In fact, they talk about it. They spend lots of time worrying about the same things. And usually, they continue to do what they’ve been doing, hoping for some form of divine intervention to take charge of their lives and make things better.

But when it comes to DOING something new?

That’s when the excuses pop up like mushrooms after a rainy night.

Oh, I’d like to, but I can’t because…
(Of course you could if you really wanted to)

I don’t have the money to spend on myself…
(People always find the money for what they really want)

I don’t have the time…
(effing lamest excuse of them all)

I’ve never done anything like this before…
(Guess what?  It’s time to be an adult and try something new)

I’m okay with how things are…
(An excuse that means “I’m really afraid.”)

Here’s the bottom line: Living a great life full of freedom, ease, and connection won’t just magically happen for you. You can keep wishing, but that will work about as well as rubbing a lucky rabbit’s foot.

No, you need to decide. You need to show up. You need to stop sitting on your hands on the sideline, and get in the game. (While this is true for most everyone, I’m especially calling out men here… When did so many men become such wussies who fail to take charge of their lives, anyway?)

I’m not saying I can solve your problems. Only you can do that.

But I am saying if you know your life is supposed to be absolutely rocking in every way, and you’re ready to let go of what you DON’T WANT, than I have something to share with you.

(In fact I have lots of stuff, a book, a monthly coaching program, and tons of materials, but today I am focusing on my next live event…)

The view from our hotel in Burlington. Nice, eh?

At the end of this month, I am hosting a live event where I will sharing everything I know about creating a Very Cool Life. It’s a philosophy that has worked very, very well for me.

Specifically, I will be focusing on upgrading your DESIRE and then HOW TO ALLOW those desires to come into your life.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to get coached by me, in person, on anything you want and finally get that handled.

Upgrading your life requires only two things… 1) That you’re there. 2) That you ask me for what you really want.

That’s all.

It’s going to be a very cool experience in a very cool place.

Finally, here’s what makes this an unprecedented (and likely never to be repeated) opportunity.

Seats for the two-day live event are just $100, less than what I charge for a 30-minute phone session.

I’ve taken away most people’s biggest excuse, though it can easily be replaced with others. I just hope you won’t let that happen any more, starting now.

Okay, as I near the end of this rant, I I know who it’s really written for…

The people who are really deep in the muck and completely wrapped up in their excuses will not be able hear a thing I’ve said here… They’re just too far away from the belief that their lives are supposed to be great. And that’s fine for them…

So, I am really writing this for YOU, if…

  • You feel the burning desire to feel like a winner again.
  • You know a Very Cool Life is your destiny.
  • You know you’re ready. (Or at least you’re ready to show up.)

If that’s you, I encourage you to simply say yes to yourself and join me while the seats and rooms last.

(We’ll be meeting at the Burlington Hilton. The special rate I’ve negotiated will save you more than your admission ticket to the event, but note that this offer expires this Friday, September 9 or when rooms sell out. )

Register through this link.

(Hotel details will be sent to you via autoresponder.)

So if you feel like you want to come, decide to come and follow through.

It’s not complicated and you’ll be thrilled you did.

At any rate, whether you join me or not, decide to no longer be part of the crowd that makes excuses. They simply never win.

(Okay, now I feel better!)

Hope to see you in Vermont in a few weeks. It’s going to be a rocking good time!






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Very Cool Life Rampage

(Photo: Alex, Karin, Drew in lovely Rockport, MA.)

The audio below is an excerpt from an hour-long coaching call that I created for members of my Very Cool Life Club*.

The theme of the call was about the importance of raising your expectations and we discussed the most powerful ways to do so.

(Remember, what you are getting in your life right now is a perfect reflection of what you are expecting. Nothing more, nothing less.)

In this 3 and-a-half minute excerpt, Club VCL member Jenn, asked me to “go on a rampage of positive expectations” as to how I want my life to be.

It felt really great to connect to these sorts of thoughts, and I thought you might it uplifting as well.

Press play and give it a whirl.

[widget id=”text-18″]text-18[/widget]

* Along with private coaching, members receive these coaching calls and my private newsletters in the mail regularly. If you’d like to crank up the freedom, wealth, and fun in your life, I hope you’ll join me. I think it’s a great deal and for fun, I created a $20 coupon for your first month. Type “20BIGBUCKS” in at checkout. Expires midnight 8/12/11.

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How to Make The Perfect Decision

(Photo: Kennebunkport Coast, Maine. From a recent trip.)

Life is series of decisions.

I’m sure you’ve made dozens of decisions before deciding to read this today.

What should I have for breakfast?

Should do this? … Or that?

Should I be with this person? … Or not?

Should I raise my fees? … Or keep them where they are?

Should I spend the money on ‘X’? … Or would it be better not to?

Many of the people I speak with find themselves sitting at a proverbial fork in the road, temporarily paralyzed by the Pros and Cons duking it out on the page in front of them. They need to make a decision on an issue that feels important to them and they really want to make the right decision.

If you can relate, here’s something cool to consider.

What if there was a way that you could make perfect decisions, every time?

Think about that for a moment.

What if, for the rest of your life — encompassing the thousands upon thousands of decisions that lay before you —  you knew the fool-proof formula that would allow you to make the perfect decision, every time?

What would that be worth to you?

Hell, let’s take a minute to quantify it. Over the course of the rest of your life, conservatively, let’s say that it would be worth at least a couple million dollars (if that seems high to you, you may want to upgrade your expectations, but that’s a different story).

Guess what? Your ‘ole buddy Drew is going to hook you up with this formula right now.

Free of charge. Gift.

Okay… Before I share the formula, you’ll need to wrap your head around this critical concept:

What you choose does not matter.

Let me say that again, ‘cuz it’s critical that you get this.

Whether you choose to zig or zag is irrelevant. Whether you choose to stay or go is irrelevant. Whether you choose to buy a used Geo or a new Bentley is irrelevant. The what is irrelevant.

Here’s why:

Because no matter what you choose, you cannot get it wrong.

I want you to consider this statement for a moment, because it’s not New Age fluff. Instead, this idea that you cannot get it wrong is the super-practical truth and I share it because I want you to decide to be the kind of person for whom everything works out. My friend, this a club worth joining, I assure you.

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. “If I can’t get it wrong, how come I can look back and pick out so many choices I’ve made that have gone south? (And I’m talkin’ Antarctica-south!)”

Good question.

Try this powerful distinction on for size. When your decisions do not work out the way you would like, the real problem is not whether you chose A, B, or C; the true issue lies within your alignment with your choice.

Remember, the Universe always has your back. It does not care what you choose. It does not care how grand or modest your desires. To the Universe, the concepts of excess or frivolousness do not exist.

Whatever you desire is not only yours for the asking, but for good measure, the Universe is orchestrating the events to bring what you desire into your experience with spectacular ease.

If that sounds too good to be true, fair enough, because there is a catch. However, when you understand and respect this stipulation, the world (literally), is yours for the asking.

Once you decide, you need let yourself go with your choice.

That’s it. That’s the big secret to making perfect decisions, every time. Now let’s go a bit deeper with a concrete example.

For example, when I decided to buy the house we live in, I exceeded the budget I set for myself by 30%. However, I loved this house so much, deciding to spend the extra dollars was an easy leap to make. (When I walked through the door the first time, I knew this was my house. End of story.)

While I did not have the extra money in my bank account, free of any doubt or wishy-washiness about my decision to spend the money, over time, the extra thousands of dollars found me easily. (So easily I do not even remember where the dollars came from.)

The Universe does not care about mortgages and interests rates or spreadsheets. Again, what you choose does not matter. The Universe will deliver whatever you ask for — whether that’s a cup of coffee or a coffee plantation in Costa Rica (complete with magnificent beachfront villa).

The only question is whether you believe what you choose will come into your experience easily.

You get what you expect. Always.

On the flip side, consider the decisions you make and never allow yourself to line up with…

Ever decided to be in a relationship with someone whose love you didn’t feel you deserved? Ever bought something, then felt guilty about “splurging” on yourself? Ever decided to cross a slippery log when your dominant thoughts were about not wanting to fall in the water?

I bet you can easily recall a decision that did not work out to your liking. No need to bask in those sorts of experiences.

However, going forward, remember that it’s not about the decision. It’s about the uncertainty you choose to feel. The doubt. And it’s about the post-decision hemming and hawing about what you deserve or whether you made the “right” decision that determines how things unfold in the future.

So let’s keep it simple.

Here’s the formula to making perfect decisions, every time.

[widget id=”text-18″]text-18[/widget]

I’m not suggesting you buy a house to test out this formula, but I am suggesting you experiment with it today.

When you come to a decision point, take the time to feel what your true preference is.

Next, allow yourself to trust in your preference — decide!

And finally, for the real work. Begin the practice of choosing thoughts that align with your decision.

Flow with your choice. Allow it in. On a practical level, this means choosing to put your attention on the aspects of your decision that feel good. Sticking with our new house example, your job would be to bask in the aspects of your new home that you love (e.g., the expansive view, the morning sunrises, the beautiful green lawn, etc.) rather than choosing thoughts that do not feel good (e.g., worry, feeling unworthy, doubtful over your decision).

Some people are not practice the belief that life is supposed to easy, and so for them, a very cool life will never be.

However, if these words resonate with you and you like the idea of having a lifetime of perfect decisions ahead of you, I encourage you to practice using the formula above.

If you do, don’t be surprised when your friends friends begin to wonder how you make it all look so easy…

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