Very Cool Life to be featured on Oprah, September 10, 2011

Very cool news to share!

The short story is that I’ve been confirmed to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss my book, The Very Cool Life Code this fall!

This has been unfolding for a for a few years now, but I just got confirmation earlier this week.

First, I would like to publicly thank my longtime friend from college and super-fan of my work, Margaret (“Maggie”) Redding for all her efforts. Maggie has been a producer for Oprah for the past 13 years and has been singing my praises to her for years. (I think she finally just wore Oprah down!)

I first met Oprah at Maggie’s wedding


A little backstory:

I got the chance to share a glass of champagne with Oprah at Maggie’s wedding in Chicago a few years back. She was really down to earth (just like she is on TV) and seemed genuinely interested in my work (or she was a pro at faking it).

This was back when Oprah’s Book Club was all the rage, and she asked me if I had a book for her to read. At this time, while I had all the ideas in my head, I’d not yet organized them on paper.

After sheepishly telling Oprah that I was “working on it,” she nodded politely and we parted company. As you might imagine, I was kicking myself for letting this huge opportunity pass me by. In the same moment, I promised myself to write a book crystallizing all my thoughts on living an exceptional life.

As I mentioned, Maggie has been a believer in my work since our college days. We’d regularly stay up into the wee hours and dissect the meaning of life over a couple of Keystone Lights in the dorm.

She’s worked on Oprah’s show for over a decade and has earned her trust in terms of guest recommendations. Over the last couple years, every time we’d connect, Maggie would nudge me to finish my book so she could pitch Oprah before her show ends later this year.

Well, I finished the book, and being the great friend she is, Maggie got a hold of Oprah’s Kindle and strategically planted a copy of my book on it.

Maggie’s plan worked, because Oprah called her at home that night, asking if she knew anything about the great new book on her Kindle. Maggie told her of our friendship and vouched for me endlessly (somehow, Oprah didn’t remember meeting me at the wedding!), and earlier this week I had a Skype meeting with Maggie and two other producers of the show.

Things went wonderfully (some very nice folks), and yesterday they confirmed me as a guest!

The show’s theme will be about lifestyle design and there are some other really well-known authors/ experts booked as well. (They asked me not to say anything more for now, so I won’t).

I will have an 8-minute segment with Oprah and the show is set to air on September 10th, 2011.  (Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to remind you!)

I am pretty psyched as you can imagine — a dream of several year in the making, finally coming true! We tape in June, so I’ll be sure to chronicle my experience here.

Oh, and if you have a Kindle or iPad (and you really should, they are very cool!), you can download my book for under 3 bucks! It’s also on the Nook. If you prefer soft-cover, we got that too!

I’m givin’ em away!

Have a great one…

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Why you should Act From Alignment

Skiing with some cool little dudes on a perfect day (no ice on this day!)

The forecast called for sun.

That was good enough for me. I packed my gear and headed to the mountain for a day of skiing.

In the previous days a freeze followed a thaw, so the once soft snow hardened to crust and ice. But the sun, once she rose, would loosen up the snow and provide a wonderful stomping ground for a Wednesday.

Waiting for the sun, I took my time in the morning, waiting in the ski lodge until 10 a.m.. The trail was hard, slick, and very fast. My skis wanted to run in these conditions, so I let them.

Cruising at a good clip, I approached the last section of the trail, a steep but smooth knoll that encourages a tuck — let ‘er rip and feel the exhilaration of flying.

The knoll is steep enough to be hidden from view until after you reach the top of the ridge. Having skied the trail hundreds of times, I knew the topography and I did not slow my descent as I crested the ridge at 42MPH (as my GPS later informed).

Now with the bottom of the mountain in full view, I pressed down on my left ski to make one final turn before zooming to the gondola.

That was my mistake.

I shifted my weight on my ski just as I was on top of an invisible patch of ice. The effect is like slamming on your car’s brakes while driving on a frozen lake; I lost control.

In an instant, my skis whipped around 120 degrees beneath me, my back facing downhill, the forces of inertia preparing to slam me senseless.

The back of my head bashed the frozen slope as I began a long, uncontrollable slide. Above me, the edges of my skis dug into the hardpack, jerking me left and right until they popped off, sparing my knees.

Lying still, I could hear the “oohs and ahhs” from spectators riding on the chairlift who had a hawk’s view of my crash. I gave them a reflexive wave as I gathered my equipment strewn about the hillside (judging from where I’d lost one of my poles, I’d skidded around 150 feet from where I fell).

I took inventory of my body. I was fine. I clicked back into my skis and got back on the chairlift for another run. But when I returned to the trailhead, I realized that in fact, the fall had done some internal damage — I no longer trusted my skis.

I am an expert skier; my dominant feeling on any trail is exhilaration. But I spent the next few runs trying not to fall instead of skiing. The feeling of fun gave way to the feeling of anxiousness.

Skiing tentatively, my skill level dropped from expert to intermediate. (Side note: Interestingly, from how sore my legs were the next day, I became aware that it’s more physically taxing to ski  cautiously.)

As time passed, the sun never burned through the clouds and the icy conditions never improved. And my confidence never returned. So I did something I cannot remember doing in the past.

I left the mountain early.

I share this story because I want to illustrate importance of alignment in a couple different ways.

First, the common way to talk about my experience would be to say I lost my confidence, but a better way to describe my experience would be to say that I fell out of alignment.

What does this mean?

This means that I could not access the thoughts and feelings that were up to speed with my desires. My desire was to feel great and a have fun day on the slopes. But given my experience (falling) and circumstances beyond my control (the icy conditions), I could only connect to feelings of worry and doubt.

On the ladder of feelings, there’s a big gap between the rungs of Doubt and Fun. That chasm is too broad to jump.

Why is this important? Because one of the 7 Key Principles to upgrading to a Very Cool Life is that you get into the habit of Acting from Alignment. This means that you make a point to getting into the feeling place that matches your desire before taking action.

Sometimes this is not possible. As in the present example, the distance is just too great. In this case, your best move is to get off the mountain and wait until you feel aligned before moving forward.

Applying this to other situations, don’t sign that agreement unless you feel aligned. Don’t commit yourself unless you feel aligned. Don’t try to resolve a dispute unless you feel aligned. Don’t try to solve a problem unless you feel aligned. Wait.

Align first, then act. The reason for this is simple. Unless you are creating from a place of confidence, it is impossible to create outcomes that you desire. In fact, when you are out of alignment, the chances are excellent that you will manifest the precise outcomes that you do not want. By skiing scared, the chances of me getting hurt increased exponentially.

If you’re not feeling confident or aligned, you cannot just wait around and expect this feeling to show up. There is no “Confidence Fairy” making the rounds.

Getting your thoughts and feelings to be in harmony with your desires takes awareness and practice. There are no shortcuts. You need to learn the skill of directing your thoughts to match your desires. Learning this skill requires an investment of your time, energy, and attention.

So here’s the upgrade to make every day a very cool day:

Always act from alignment. If you’re can’t find that feeling of alignment, wait to act until you do. Master the skill of being able to choose aligned thoughts. If you’re not having fun, the forecast looks good for Friday…

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Just a reminder the deadline for Early Bird pricing for my Cracking the Very Cool Life Code Live event is midnight Thursday, March 31st. (We’ll be going much deeper into the concept of living from alignment and feeling great!)

Price jumps from $497 to $647 on April 1st. Register now and save $150!

Burlington, VT. Location of Cracking the Very Cool Life Code Live with Drew Rozell, Ph.D. May 6-7, 2011

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How to see your future

First day of spring. Shot from my office window.

I’ve always been able to see people’s futures.

Not in a psychic sort of way where I can tell you what color shirt you would be wearing and the weather conditions on the day you decide to check out of this life… I don’t see scenes of the future play out in my head like movies.

Rather, if I hear you talk about you life and your desires for just a minute or two – even if we’ve never met before – I can tell whether you’re on track to manifest what you want into your life.

I just know. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always just known.

Until recently, I had no understanding where this ability came from. It’s not something you tell many people or share in casual conversation. And sometimes it feels freaky when I see things play out just as I knew they would.

While I considered this ability to be a gift, in the past it has almost equally as often felt like a curse.

(It’s a gift in my work as a coach where the entire basis of our relationship is for me to leverage this power. It can feel like a curse when you’re with a friend who’s sharing something, but has not specifically asked for your help.  I’ve learned that if I share what I see without being asked first, I am met with a huge wall of resistance. Sometimes it’s hard not to say something when you can see the piano dangling over someone’s head.)

Here’s what I’ve come to realize (and my point in sharing this with you here)…

When I say I just know what’s coming up for someone, what I really mean is that I can feel it. Again, I’m not seeing the person’s future in my head. But I am built in a way that makes me sensitive to the energy that they are giving off.

More specifically, when I am connecting with you, I can pick up how you feel when you’re talking about some subject, whether that’s your relationship, money, health, or whatever.

Here’s how it works for me…

If listening to you talk about your desire causes squirrels to start wrestling around in my stomach, I know you’re off course. If listening to you gives me a feeling of  calm, hope, or inspiration, I know you’re on track and about to experience what you really want.

So if you want to the ability to look into your own future and know what’s coming, it’s quite simple.

You need only check in with how you feel today on a given subject to accurately predict your future.

The emotion you feel is the product of the thoughts you have been connecting to on that subject.

For example, if you want your life to feel fun and full of adventure, yet today you talk about how bored and uninspired you feel, you are off course.

If you want to attract a new relationship, but inside you doubt whether you’ll ever meet that person, you’re off course.

If you want to live in a life of freedom, with reserves of cash all around you, but you speak of how hard things are or you argue for the reasons why your desires cannot happen, you are off course.

Whatever the subject, the feeling that you associate with it in the present moment determines your future experience. No exceptions.

Check in with how you feel today and you have your glimpse into tomorrow. Voila!

You are now an oracle.

Here’s the upgrade. If there’s some aspect of your life that you do not feel great about (and I am guessing there is), the good news is that the future is not written in stone. Keep in mind, you always write your future.

If you want tomorrow to look better than today, your work is to feel better today.

That’s all. It’s not complicated…

(But are you doing the work to create the future you want?)

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