Create and Preserve

“Create and Preserve the Image of your Choice.”


I came across this Gandhi quote while reading an article on former Beatle, George Harrison. Apparently this was one of George’s favorite quotes and it’s easy to see why.

Everything you need to know about consciously creating the world around you to reflect your deepest desires can be found within these eight words.

Let’s break it down, shall we?


Word #1: CREATE

Gandhi begins his message with this verb, to remind you that you are CREATING your life, every moment of every day. It’s never “happening to you.”

Are you taking hold of this power, clear in your intentions and acting in harmony with what you desire?

Creation is not a passive process.

If you do not like what is currently in front of you, you are the only one with the power to change things.

To create, you must get up, must walk across the room, pick up the brush, and start painting on the canvas.

Are you actively creating and directing your life?

Or are you letting what’s showing up (and that you DO NOT like) to just continue showing up?

Your choice.



Gandhi could have used many different words here, yet to further emphasize that the creation of your desires is an active process, Gandhi uses another verb, preserve.

The most common definitions for preserve are “to keep free from harm,” and “to keep alive.”

Let’s think about this for a minute…

Step one is to create the image of what you want to come into your life. Usually, with enough awareness and a bit of effort, turning your focus on what you want to create is simple enough.

However, doubt poisons dreams.

Sure you can dream… but can you hold that dream? Can you keep it safe from the non-believers and negative-vibe merchants; those who would tear into your dreams because they’ve lost the ability to remember their own?

More important, can you protect your creation from the vultures circling around your mind that want to pick pick pick at your dream? Can you keep your dream safe from the self-doubts and negativity that gnaw from within?

Are you willing to learn how to keep your dream alive or do you choose to yield and let another dream die?

Remember, preserve is a verb.

If you want it, you need to show up for it. (Most people intend to show up, but never do.)



What’s an image? A picture that you hold in your mind.

Where do these images come from? Your imagination.

So then, imagine.

It’s the most powerful creation tool, and it is always at your disposal.

Now consider this: When is the last time you sat down for 15 uninterrupted minutes and imagined some aspect of your life as you want it to be?

(Seriously. Answer this for yourself. Because if this is not a habit of yours, there is no mystery to why the things you most desire are not showing up. If you are not in the habit of imagining, you are choosing to live your life by default. And I know you can do better than this.)



Create and Preserve the Image of YOUR Choice.

Not your parents’ image.

Not your spouse’s.

Not your child’s.

Not your friends’.


Creating what you want means being clear in what YOU want, and standing for what YOU want.

Your vision of a Very Cool Life is yours alone.

It’s what YOU came here to live.

Hold to it.

(Because no one else has the power or the desire to hold to it for you.)


Word #8: CHOICE

The word choice stands out because of what it implies.

A choice implies that you have free will to create anything you desire. There are no current circumstances that cannot be transcended and molded to match your desires.

A choice also implies that you must choose. You must decide. (Notice that Gandhi reminds us for a third time that the thoughtful creation of your life is an active process.)

So, what are you choosing that’s different from what you have been choosing?

What new decisions have you made for yourself?

What have you chosen to create next? (If you’re not choosin’, yer losin’.)

Do yourself a favor and tell yourself the truth. See if you have good answers to those questions.



Create and Preserve the Image of Your Choice.


If you want to see an upgrade in some aspect of your life (… and I know you do because everybody walking the planet wants their lives to expand and get better), the good news is that you have all the wisdom you need in those 8 words.

Here’s the only relevant question: Right now, are you doing what it takes to create and preserve the images of your choosing?

(And if not now, when?)


* * *

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  1. says

    Nice, I keep forgetting to think about the maintenance aspect of the whole thing. There’s the danger. Assuming you don’t have to worry about it after you’ve visualized it. If you don’t have an easy time keeping the future in mind, like myself, it never shows up. Hmmm.

    On the other hand, I was able to get it down to three words.

    Take that Gandhi.

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