Does Everything Happen For a Reason?


Does everything happen for a reason?


Maybe you believe this.

Maybe you do not.

There’s no wrong answer, of course.

Because you’re always right, no matter what you believe.

(You attract the information/evidence/experiences that are in line with your beliefs. And so you are always right in that your reality will always match your belief.)


I used to believe that everything happened for a reason because it felt better to me than believing that our universe is just a random place without order.

Looking back, my belief was was more of a catch-all explanation for the manifestations that I didn’t much care for.

It went sort of like this…


Why did that happen?

Why does this keep happening to me?

… I don’t really know, but I believe it’s for the best… perhaps I am to learn a lesson… or this is the path to a greater good… or something…


And then one day, this belief no longer felt so good to me.

That was the day I started taking Radical Responsibility for my life.

(This means I choose to see my life and everything in it as my creation. Even the stuff I don’t like.)


Now I still believe that everything happens for a reason.

But it’s no longer feels like a half-thought out, New-Agey retort offered meekly in the face of the unwanted outcomes.


Today I believe that everything happens for a reason, yes…

Because I created it.

I like owning my creations, because the power is in owning them.

And when I create something I don’t like (which happens all the time)…

I have the power to change it (instead of resisting it).

And I really like that.









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  1. Claire says

    Very cool. I have the power to change it (instead of resist it). Just what I did today. Gave up resisting it and admitted that my professional situation was created by Yours Truly and that Yours Truly is the only one who can change it…So start by letting go of resistance – a waste of energy indeed. Now, I’ve cleared the path for creating the COOL.
    So, a boy or a girl? Stay cool.

      • Claire says

        @Drew: Awww, a girl! She’s gonna have her daddy wrapped around her little finger! What great joy for you and your family. The “path of least resistance” is blowing wide open and much cooler things are falling into place. Yikes! (that’s a good yikes…). Thanks, Drew.

  2. Jim says

    I believe, as you do, that we invite events, people, situations into our lives, for various reasons; either because we need the experience (sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good) or because we enjoyed them in the past and wish to re-create them.
    But I think it’s our energies that bring them into being.

    • Drew says

      my only divergence would be this: we don’t “need” the experience, though we may want it.

      but of course, we’re all correct!



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