The Freedom Session Coaching Group


“Conversations That Matter”


Welcome to the page for my LEADING EDGE coaching group hosted by me, Drew Rozell.

I call this work The Freedom Sessions because these conversations are firmly rooted in the energy of freedom.

After all, the very basis of your life is FREEDOM — that’s why you came here into this physical experience — to live in the alignment with the freedom to create whatever desires you have.

The Freedom Sessions are designed for people who resonate with my work and my Law of Attraction-based philosophy for creating more freedom, ease, and connection in their lives.


The Backstory…

Around the year 2000, two people recommended that I check out the work of Abraham-Hicks in the same week. I’d been studying the principles of Attraction for years, but had never heard of Abraham when I ordered a couple of their tapes. Immediately, I was hooked on the leading-edge content, life-changing ideas, and practical information they offered. I’ve been a student and a teacher of The Law of Attraction ever since…

Listening to Abraham over the years, I found myself having so many questions that I wanted answered for myself. Wouldn’t it be cool to have directly access to this level of channeled wisdom?

Shortly thereafter, one of my friends (Frank Butterfield) on Facebook posted something about a special he was offering on private sessions. Now, Frank was a friend in name only. I knew nothing about him or what he did. But my intuition told me to click on the link and schedule a session with him, still completely clueless as to what I could expect but knowing it felt right.

Well, it turns out that Frank was a powerful channel in a similar way (but with his own distinct flavor) like Esther Hicks. And guess what? I could ask all the questions I had about my life — money, relationships, happiness, fun… whatever! — and get some really fantastic, clarifying answers back.

Without question, this was the most powerful coaching I’d ever received in my life (and I’ve been coached by many people who are considered to be at the top of the industry) I took what I’d learned and began sharing these concepts with my coaching clients, and they loved them as much as I did.

At the same time, another desire took hold within me… Someday, I wanted to be able to channel for other people like me, people who wanted clarifying answers to whatever question they had about making their lives better.

Within the next month, Frank offered a new course on channelling and that was that. I found that channeling came to me quite easily (it’s mostly about letting go, allowing, and getting out of the way), and that I really loved both the quality of the information coming through me, as well how it felt to connect with my clients in this new way.

So, here we are today. I am becoming a better, clearer channel with every time I practice this connection and I look forward to sharing the experience with you!


The Freedom Sessions will be perfect for you if you’re looking for personal access to powerful, leading-edge coaching, based in the Universal Law of Attraction at a very affordable rate. As a member, you have the opportunity to ask any question you have (personal questions work best) on any subject that you want more clarity on (e.g., money, relationships, business, health, sex, career, fun, freedom, ease, etc…).



The Freedom Sessions are for people who recognize the importance (and fun) of consciously focusing their thoughts on their desires in a consistent manner. Set up much like a gym or yoga studio membership, you have the opportunity to come in for a “workout” whenever you desire. As a result of engaging in these conversations that matter (even if you just choose to listen in), you’ll emerge with a new sense of clarity, freedom, and relief that will align you more closely with whatever you’re wanting.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that you will have access to world-class coaching for a fraction of the normal investment. Pricing is designed to make becoming a member a “no-brainer.”


How The Group works:

During the live coaching calls (see below for details), I see a list of the callers appear on my screen. At the beginning of the call, I ask you if you have a question for the day. If you do, you are put in the queue (in the order you call in) and will have the opportunity to ask your question. Then, it gets answered and usually you can expect to feel a rush or relief and clarity.


Where and When:

Currently calls are held 2x per month, typically the first Thursday at 12 Noon EST and the third Tuesday at 9:00AM EST (but subject to change).  I send you the schedule at the beginning of each month. More times will be added as the size of the group warrants. Members dial in on a conference call line to join the action. All calls are recorded and sent to you each month as an MP3 file, so you can re-listen to your question or connect even if you were unable to attend live.


Big Bonus:

In addition to the group calls, members get PRIVATE access to Drew for just-in-time coaching. See the options below.

Membership Options:


There are two options for becoming a member, monthly and yearly. You can cancel at any time.

Monthly membership is $77. Join monthly here.

In addition to access to the live group coaching sessions and recordings, monthly members get a bonus, one-on one PRIVATE LASER session with Drew (15 minutes) every 90 days that your membership is active.

And yes, you get a your first LASER session immediately upon becoming a member.




Yearly membership is $697 ($58/month). Join yearly here.

Like the monthly membership, yearly members get a bonus one-on-one PRIVATE LASER session with Drew (15 minutes) every 90 days that your membership is active.

As an extra BONUS, yearly membership comes with a one-on-one 30-minute Private 1-on-1 session with Drew ($250 value.)



30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee:

Join the Freedom Session Group for 30 days risk-free. Call in, get coached, see what it feels like. If it’s not for you, just send me an e-mail within 30 days and I’ll cheerfully refund your money. No questions. No hassles.