The Very Cool Life Course

Over the past couple of months, I’ve gotten some really cool messages in my inbox.

Some of them of these people are coaching clients. Some others are folks I’ve never met, who read and liked my book. In both cases, it’s a lovely feeling when someone tells you that you’ve made a positive impact on their lives.

Humbling. Surreal. But definitely very cool!

I’ve decide that I really like this feeling, and I want more of it!

As a result, I will be hosting my first Very Cool Life Course, starting this February 21st.

And yes, you are cordially invited to join me.

Taught by me, this will be an 8-week teleclass, based on the concepts and principles in my book. Similar to a typical college course, it will be a mix of lecture, Q & A, and coaching.

I know this material is super-solid, and I am eager to share this experience of going much deeper with this material with people who are as into the idea of living a freedom-based life as much as I am.

Registration is open now and I hope you make the decide to join me.


You can read more of the details and register here.


Be cool and love your life,


P.S. While not necessary, I would think it helpful to have read my book before taking this course. You can download a free copy or purchase one clicking the icons on the side of this page.


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