Woo Woo Wands — Intro to Dowsing Rods

The Law of Attraction For Very Cool Living

 Introduction to Woo Woo Wands (Dowsing Rods)


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If you are interested in purchasing a set of L-Rods, I recommend using Dowsers.com. I also recommend purchasing Joey Korn’s book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment with the dowsing rods. I learned a great deal from the book and without it, I would would not have been able to heal my septic system.

I own the portable L-Rods. They are a bit more expensive, but I have been very pleased with them

Happy dowsing!

Visit Dowsers.com

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  1. Arne Morken says

    I made me a pair of dowsing rods. Curiously only the one I hold in my left hand works (I tried switching them of course). Any idea why?


  2. says

    hi Arne —

    two things. both simple.

    1) practice. have fun and practice.
    2) this is why i spent the $30 on the rods… they work well. much better than the homemade, IMO



  3. Jane says

    Hi Drew, I watched your youtube video (here in England) and I am now going to give it a go. I am having a devil of a time getting to sleep in my house.. it just feels ‘wrong’ where ever I position the bed, what room I sleep in .. running out of rooms!! so just gotta try sorting the energy of the house (and myself) out.. nothing to lose.. if you have any advice for me .. please.. any suggestions most welcome.. I like the idea of the portable rods..


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