Finding the moments

These are my kids.

I caught them in a pure moment.

Wearing smocks. Painting. Playing.

I take videos (and photos) to capture moments.

Sure, those moments are fun to share with you. Resonance and feedback is always fun.

Yet in the end, I try to capture the moments for me… so I can see them.

While this is true for capturing a sunrise, it’s especially applicable for my kids.

So much of parenting is management oriented.

Fix a meal. Clean up. Off to school. Ready for bed. Don’t fight. Stop doing that to the cat.

In the management the moments can recede into the background, often so far that they become invisible.

The video above is not a typical representation of my experience as a parent. It’s one of those moments, not the norm.

But the moments in life are always there. Always wanting to be discovered. Always wanting to connect with you.

The moments are what make life such a sweet experience.

Just look for them.